With our wide range of medicines, we are committed to providing quality cures for various kinds of diseases. At the same time, we are also motivated to continue innovating in order to offer society more effective cures for more illnesses.
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ACITRAL ®    Category : Antacid
reduces symptoms associated with excess stomach acid, gastritis, stomach ulcers, duodenum ulcers     [Detail]
ALCO ®    Category : Cough & Cold Remedies
Alco drops & Alco Plus syr Symptomatic relief of sneezing & nasal congestion due to flu. Alco Plus DMP syr Relief of cough w/ sneezing & nasal congestion due to flu.     [Detail]
ANADEX    Category : Cough & Cold Remedies
Flu, common cold, cough, fever and pain     [Detail]
ANTRAIN ®    Category : Non Sterodial Anti - Inflammatory Agents (NSAIDS) & Gout Preparation
To relieve pain especially colic and post-op.     [Detail]
Atri Plus    Category : Viscosupplementation
Symptomatic relief of pain in patients suffering from OA or degenerative joint disease causing an alteration of the functionality of the synovial fluid     [Detail]
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